LDR Gaming (LeaDeR Gaming) is competitive and content creation team based in Germany.
The Team has been found by Julian ''JTime'' M. in 2014. JTime started the team with the destiny
to make LDR Gaming a competitive Call of Duty Team. At begin JTime had a hard time on finding members for the team but over time he got a full competitive team of four players.
In feburary 2017 LDR Gaming had the opportunity to scrim against Team Impact which was one of the biggest Call of Duty Team in Germany back in the day. JTime, Striked, ICLDAFE and Fentyx played for LDR Gaming and iMP_JJayB, iMP_Raptor, iMP_Scorpiion and iMP_Haptic played for
Team Impact. It ended with a 2:2 draw which was a strong performance from LDR Gaming.
At the end there wasn't a winner but LDR Gaming was proud and grateful for the oppertunity to play against Team Impact. After that LDR Gaming wasn't that unknown anymore and had it much easier getting new members for the Team. Melina ''Wolfinaa'' S. joined as a Manager,
Diamandina ''Ladydiamonds'' M. joined as a content creator and the Call of Duty part grew a lot.
2018 was also a very successful year for LDR Gaming. 2018 was also a very successful year for
LDR Gaming. Marcel ''FiiGhT'' P. joined as Supporter. Moritz ''Lasso'' S. and Jonas ''MoiNa'' S joined the Call of Duty Team and effected the Team positive. They placed top 2 in Gamebatteles (MLG/EU)
With the release of Call of Duty 4 in 2018 the Team opened their second Call of Duty Team.
In December 2018 Luca ''Pentax'' B. joined as a Designer/Editor who helped the team a lot with his
designing and editing skills. LDR Gaming had a much easier time to keep their Socials updated and had someone to make and manage their first own Website. In january 2019 LDR Gaming decided to add a Fortnite team. The first two Member of the Fortnite competitive team were
xIStriked and iLasso and with the time the Fortnite team also grew a lot. A short time after it
LDR Gaming decided to close their Call of Duty Team unfortunately. In Summer 2019 it was Gamescom time in Germany/Cologne and at this time they had the oppertunity again to add